About Us

Radiator Service Company, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Bill and Marie Berkel. From day one, the Berkels operated the company with a commitment to product and service excellence, rooted in customer satisfaction.

David and Jeanne Bienvenu assumed ownership in 1994, and continue to operate in the original spirit of honest, quality service.


In the modern business climate, it takes more than a low price to be an industry leader. Speed, Quality and Availability are what sets us apart from the rest of the field.

We take great pride in our ability to use our skills, facility and expertise to solve your particular problem. In most cases, if we can't fix, repair or rebuild something, it can't be done. In that same light, we have created treasure from what was thought to be junk, and developed procedures and processes to give new life to what was thought to be worn and unusable equipment.

We meet Speed by having a fully equipped 10,000 square foot facility to perform services in a timely manner, with over $100,000 in parts inventory on hand to avoid delays and give your job a quick turnaround.

Staff and Training

President and General Manager, David Bienvenu is a graduate of Nashville Auto Diesel College, with training in gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, hydraulics, basic electricity and welding. He has over 31 years experience in service, and 23 in management.

Secretary/Treasurer and office manager, Jeanne Bienvenu is a computer science graduate of Nicholls State University, with over 29 years experience in management and operations.

Three other employees have over 40 years service experience between them, with expertise in radiator repair, heat exchanger re-tubing, manufacturing, welding and metal forming, as well as management.


Our commitment to employee safety is evident in the fact that our experience modification rate is very low compared with current industry standards. We have monthly safety meetings using training modules, and each employee is tested to assure understanding of material.