Our large and well-equipped facility insures that your job is getting done in an efficient manner and that your equipment in for repair is properly housed and treated. Our safety-conscious work environment is conducive to employee safety and productivity.


Test Tanks: We have two test tanks filled with fluorescent-dyed water to find the tiniest leak. The tanks can handle equipment up to 16 feet long.

Pressure tests capacity: We have on-site test equipment to test to 750 PSI.


We have multiple torches for heating, soldering, brazing and gas welding.

  • Arc welding machines
  • Wire feed MIG machine
  • 250 AMP TIG machine with water cooled torch
  • Plasma cutting torch


  • Bead blast cabinet
  • Heated vat capable of handling exchangers up to 16 feet
  • Acid dip vat capable of handling exchangers up to 16 feet

Material handling:

  • 6000 lb. lift truck
  • Multiple rail and bridge cranes

Pick up and delivery:

  • Half-ton pickup truck
  • ton pickup truck
  • 1 ton truck with 12-foot flatbed

Metal Forming:

  • Mechanical metal sheering
  • Box and pan break
  • Plasma circle cutting

Tube expanding:

  • Electronic torque controllers


  • Lathe
  • CNC milling machine

Visit our Gallery to see more of our facility and equipment.